About Courage Ventures Funds

Courage Ventures Seed Fund 1 makes equity investments in early stage Finnish and Nordic startups that want to advance global human well-being through digital means. We are structured as a 10-year Finnish Limited Partnership, managed by Finnish company Courage Ventures Management Oy, registered with the Finnish Financial Services Authority. The management company earns income from external consulting, portfolio companies, and carried interest.

  • We focus on health, education and environment verticals where our partners and advisors can add significant value to the companies’ growth
  • Our target companies pursue early international expansion, primarily to the US market, and aim to leverage software and information technologies to enable rapid scalability and growth
  • We focus on companies that are still in their seed funding rounds, but have early evidence of customer traction

We have strategically selected our three investment areas as a result of our team’s networks, investment expertise, operational experience, and their collective fit to current market opportunities. The Health, Education, and Environment markets are attractively positioned for investment growth.

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